Black Market offline // Help!

the black market system is offline, and I can’t pull my items down. If this was just a few things I would just take the loss… but it totals around 360,000 items so it’s not exactly a small quantity.
Any chance I could get the 19 stacks of combat steel and some credits to balance the loss of the rest?
[360+ stacks isnt really a small amount…]

Item:	Quantity
1	Sathium Ingot	44786
2	Sathium Ore	42098
3	Iron Ingot	6554
4	Iron Ore	16523
5	Erestrum Ingot	15675
6	Neodymium Ingot	12998
7	Magnesium Powder	34750
8	Pentaxid	351
9	Pentaxid Ore	6975
10	Copper Ingot	12990
11	Zascosium Ingot	15028
12	Fusion Cell	13209
13	Combat Steel Blocks L	19356
14	Cobalt Ore	15107
15	Cobalt Ingot	102699
16	Fusion Cell	1007

Mcprouty – I was directed to post here [under getsupport] by Hop, whom I originally reported the issue of not getting money for the items I was selling to… In fact I am attempting to follow the instructions listed there.

If you continue reading the post you quoted it states:
“Recovering items is a fair bit of work and may not be worth the effort for all BM entries to return to seller. if you truly feel you must have the items back, you will need to log a support request directly in the Get Support forum and providing as much data as possible (screenshots of individual lines you need addressed in HWS connect may help).”

Sadly, I have just gotten word I won’t be able to log back in until late Sunday, so there’s a solid chance things will be entirely wiped by then…
Is there any chance an admin could please dump it into my OCD?

mk, just throwin some context, as in your original post it wasnt immediately apparent that this was a response to hop telling you to ask for help.

Hi lore,

This is a large amount of items to be lost and of course we don’t want people to be worried in the future that this may happen so we will make sure the items are returned.

Thanks for playing

First Column is the ID. You can use it to take them off.

Went to the BM zone in homeworld to give it a shot, but got the error ‘you must be in a trading zone’

Leaving for the airport now, so I wont be able to log back in until late sunday. :frowning:

TY for the attempt though Jascha!

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Good news! 6.0 wipe wont happen this weekend!

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Indeed. I don’t see an imminent threat to your stuff by Sunday!

It is working now again