Blatantly rule breaking by RED member (not)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened: Some guy from RED, breaking rule after rule, loss inccured
**Player(s) with issue: roboo
**Server: EU
**Time (cb:time): around 3AM
**Structure Name(s):GroundPointDefense MK1P, GroundPointDefense MK2G3
**Structure ID(s):40280766, 40280765
**How can we help you now: Restore my structure fresh, ban the guy several days to cooldown

Now the story, I’ll attach pictures but I have the entire movie.
So I was mining, this guy come and starts shooting down my base turrets trough the ground. I tell him, dude, you shot through the ground, he continues till he strips most my arty and plasma, I replace them, he continues, I spawn a SV, chase him a bit, he goes away.
I replace my turrets, he spawns a tower, my base engage, I also main a turret, his tower is stripped in less than 5 minutes.
Probably he didnt have full ammo or fuel, or both.
I say, fail dude, recycle your tower and go to sleep, you are draining my ammo.
He puts his tower in private, tower gets seized by HWS, my base guns remain locked on HWS tower.
He spawns another tower, the few remaining guns which were previously out of range to shot at first tower, and me manning a turret start stripping the second tower till it got no gun left.
Again, he did not have the full complement of ammo and fuel to fully power his tower he was just draining my ammo and locking my turrets.
He also got back in his sv, got behind a hill and shot like a boss again my turrets trough the ground, I had to replace them again.
Then he spawned another small tower outside of my turret range. I logged out and come to write this ticket.
The entire episode took around and hour, I repeatedly told him hes breaking this or that rule, asked for police help, but he continued doing his job.
I understand pvp is pvp, but either this server has rules and or it has not, just let me know.
I’ll add pictures.
I’ll try to fix the movie too, but give me few hours till I find how to upload it on youtube, transfer it, cope with errors if its too big.

Send me video pictures please

Its 3Gs, no idea how to send it. Have any idea where can I upload it?
Wait, I resize some pictures in the meantime.

Post on YouTube and paste a link.

Are you in pvp? as it looks like it he is allowed to dig around your base as close as he can even fire at it. its pvp! he is also allowed to place a base close to yours well within the rule its 700m if he has off line protection away from your base and if he hasnet got offf lien protection he is allowed to put his base 500m away from your base. ITS PVP

Andrea who said anything about digging?

  1. He was shooting trough the ground to my turrets. My turrets did not respond cause there was ground between them the turrets and his ship.
  2. He got his tower seized by HWS by setting it to private instead of deleting / recycling to force my base to drain ammo and stay locked on a HWS structure instead of shooting at his new tower.
  3. He kept spawning useless towers around my base to drain base ammo and lock my base turrets on this targets.

He kept doing this and that for more than one hour, I was forced to logout to preserve my base ammo cause he was simply draining it instead of fighting.

As about this:"
he hasnet got offf lien protection he is allowed to put his base 500m away from your base"
I didnt even know about this, but he placed both towers closer than that, as you can see in the pictures. One was 450 meters and one was 350 meters.

I think if u can provide video it would be better pictures are hard to see.

I edited the video to be able to upload it, it’s like 1/4 of the original size.

I set up the base, filled up fuel and shells. But the trouble is, the base did not want to attack yours, thus, your base, without losing your turrets, destroyed my turrets. I decided to remove it, to replace it with a new one. But when I tried to delete it cb: destroy, I was always given a green error, so I could not delete it, but knowing that my database does not have turrets, I decided to make it personal, that the server itself deleted. He did one more, and she had the same problem, did not shoot, and the enemy base again destroyed the turrets. My turrets even after turning on the base did not turn in your direction. Only at the end began to shoot leftovers. When I tried to remove it, it did not go away either. I had to endure the enemy turrets on SV. So my fault is not present! Moreover, I lost 2 bases in an empty, because of the bug or lag server, and maybe because of the bug of your base, since my bases did not want to shoot, not about shells, a full ammunition load was loaded. About the shooting, skovz mountains, in fact, these mountains were dug, and there was the effect that there they are. As for the remaining turrets, in fact, when the server took my databases, they were not there, because the server did not process the destruction of them. That’s the whole answer for you. Go then on PVE play, and do not whine! Sorry I’m not writing correctly, translated via google

And yes, if the towers worked normally, at least one of them, and did not go to the bug, then from your base the horns and legs would stay. And so you just got lucky. Do not think that I’ll just fall behind your base, sooner or later, I’ll destroy it. ) :slight_smile:

I’m not willing to enter an argument here. I would actually much like to ignore rules too, thats all.
From my video, possible not entirely visible in the low quality one I posted limited by the upload size, that you power your tower with little fuel and your turrets go on and off line, possible intermittently powered by solar array. It’s also visible that certain turrets wont shot, most likely missing ammo? I think you went to great lengths to manufacture some ammo on spot.
You send me to PVE, I agree I dont have enough PVP experience in this game, I assume you have tons.
Whats the tactical value in placing a tower which will shot only half of its turrets against a platform which will shot all its turrets? Especially if platform is preconfigured and you need several minutes to configure your tower to shot at guns?
Now you say you dont know why your tower wasnt shoting at my turrets, but I noticed you boldly moved your second tower at 350m from platform marker, which I understand is illegal placement, I guess you guessed or noticed.

You didnt have to endure anything. I actually told you after fist tower failed, recycle your tower and move elsewhere and its end of story.

Yeah, this is the issue, normally after your stunt you should be banned for a while. But I guess HWS will close they eye and let you try more till you completely drain my bases and they fall. Maybe they even give you a hand and come and shot too.

You do not understand much because it’s a curve translation, and do not understand how many bugs in the game. The towers are not stupid for the first time, there have been cases before. And the fact that I tried to attack the tower is not a violation. As for the tuning of the turrets, I can do this for a few secrets, while your turrets shoot the wrong way. Moreover, I say again, the turrets after switching on the base did not turn in your direction, only after about a minute they reacted. But it was already late. And the same effect was in the other tower. Especially even on the video it was clear that the turrets after turning on, you have not watched for a while, and thus did not shoot. Che you hang noodles for me.

And as you say, my tower turns on and off like I have solar panels, I do not have them, everything works on fuel. You keep me for a fool or what? Or are you looking for excuses for a false statement?

About what you said, that the tower is not properly made for me. That’s exactly what it’s done right, and again I say the tower did not shoot because of an incomprehensible bug. Especially after the turrets are turned on, the turrets must immediately turn towards the enemy, and not as in the given case, they were turned off -
did not react. Especially not for the first time I press the enemy base. In short, I will not argue with a stib, just remember me, when you yourself will crush the tower and she will not shoot and you will wonder why she does not shoot. Good luck !.

So finally a video and time to spent on that drama.
I make it quick because before a wipe I normally block this kind of stuff.

  1. He is shooting through ground. For you maybe. But it’s not true. We discussed it very often and that game glitch is in the game for long. Nothing we can do about it. > The render distance of drilled terrain is not visible for you. Go to minute 14:21 to see it yourself. From his position the terrain is drilled but not for you so it looked like he shoots through terrain. Overall it is part of the current game and the counter to that is what you did: sit in a vessel and chaise him.

  2. Ammo draining because a placed Tower? And? Totally valid and nothing wrong with it. Same like spawning CVs in front of your base. We decided long time ago that that is ok because he actually had to spend resource for spawning them.

  3. Ammo draining because of his body? No, he died only 3 times.

  4. Placing towers closer than 700 meters. That is also fine as long as the tower did not have active OP on it. They hadn’t. You destroyed them before any OP could get activated.

  5. Yastreb had fuel and ammo in the inventory but it can happen that the base does not shoot. Happened already very often and caused drama.

  6. The only mistake Yastreb did was letting the Tower set to HWS because he had no EGS Recycle lvl 5. For that he got punished.

Last but not least I don’t and can’t understand why you have to be so toxic and arrogant to write things like

Really a shame since you had “so much fun” in the video writing lllllllllol and hilarious and had fun destroying a bugged Tower…, ah right, because it was in your favor…

Think about that.

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