Blueprint Became Invalid While In Factory



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What happened:
=> While waiting for a blueprint to be produced in the factory, Alpha 9.1 was released, making my blueprint invalid. I cannot spawn my currently finished blueprint, and all of my mats are used on that blueprint.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Renaldus

=> HWS North America

Time (cb:time):
=> N/A

=> N/A

Structure Name(s):
=> N/A

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:
=> I was for hoping a refund in materials



it would be helpful to know why you can’t spawn it anymore in first place.
If you don’t know and it’s fine for you, please send me the .epb file via PM and I can check.


It was the ramps. I replaced them all on the blueprint, and not it says its a valid blueprint, but the old one is already completed in my factory.




Yeah something is going on with the ramps. It was reported multiple times in experimental so hopefully a fix is coming down the line soon.

You may just have to wait for it to be patched before you can spawn that ship in.


Well now there are Ramps for HV/SV’s and Ramps for CV/BA’s. The problem is, it is a CV and all the ones on the ship got converted to HV/SV Ramps making the Blueprint invalid. The blueprint has since been corrected, but I spent a lot of mats and like 5 hours of waiting for it. I’m not terribly upset, I was just kind of hoping to get the mats reimbursed. If not, it’s not the end of the world, I have the corrected Blueprint in the factory now.


Are we talking tons of mats? Or have you already started the bp fillup?


I can’t see the problem on our site after I checked the HWS Config couple of times by now regarding ramps.
Best to wait for Eleon I guess, otherwise not much we can do unfortunately :frowning:

Maybe some friendly neighbors can help you out.

Not created capital ship "DENEB1"

Yes, Eleon split the new ramps into BA/CV and HV/SV versions now and any that we’re already placed were converted into HV/SV type by the game.

Eleon won’t be able to patch this, we have to manually replace them for the correct type.

Unfortunately that blueprint will stay red.
Eleon just confirmed this on the official site earlier.


Ouch! Alrighty! I’ll just chalk it up as a loss. I just figured there would be an easy solution, but I know being an Alpha game we’re going to experience a bunch of silly stuff along the way! :smiley: Cheers!

Can't spawn the ship

Some factory stuff might be of use:

If you stuff your factory with a load of combat blocks and devices (such as the free devices from the Xmas advent event), the BP spawn time will be drastically reduced, probably to 0:01

(1) Make a note of how long your BP needs to spawn.
(2) Change the BP in the factory to something huge like a Class 7 BA or CV (you can get these off the workshop or knock one up in Creative)
(3) You can then stuff the factory with more materials and devices.
(4) Do this and reduce the spawn time by the amount of the time needed for the BP that you actually want to spawn.
(5) Then switch the factory BP back to the smaller BP.
(6) The spawn time reduction is “banked” and will apply to the next one thing that you start building, even if you change the factory BP before starting the build.

So any smallish BP can be spawned in 0:01, even if your factory is fairly full already :wink:

Caution : Stopping a BP that is already in progress counting down, will lose this spawn time reduction


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