Blueprint Bug

Hello, i put all my materials into the factory to make a new CV, i donated in order to insta finish the BP rather than wait the 2 and a half hours. I did do:bp and then cb:yes. It than disconnected me and when i have reconnected i have nothing in my factory and cannot spawn the ship.

Just to make sure: You looked at the finished bp list? Just asking since thats what quite a few people forgot lately :|.

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i am unsure what you mean, in the past i have simply opened Factory and the used button for Spawn

Dude i feel so dumb right now, found it and you were completely right. My bad

Sorry for the German screen. but that list up here on the top left should contain your bp. Just select and hit spawn.
If you dont see it there. Then something would be wrong.

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np :). Happend to quite some people lately.

In case you don’t see it anyway, double check you didn’t selected some of the filters on top, cause they prevent the ready blueprints from showing.

slightly off topic: Instead of filling the factory with ingots, make Reactor Core’s (some people use “Computer Core”) and dump those in the factory. It will fill up all basic materials except Sathium and can have a huge effect on the production time, with a few dozen Reactor Core’s most small BP’s will get a production time of 0,01s

The mechanics is that the materials and production time used to make Reactor Core’s (or Computer Core’s) beforehand, is deducted from the blueprint currently in factory. It’s even possible to change blueprint and get the benefits on a different blueprint, but it only works for one blueprint. After finishing a blueprint the surplus materials will be in factory, but the time saving effect will be spent.

T2 Generators is my favorite part for this purpose together with combat blocks and CV lasers.

I just throw in whatever bits I have from taking things apart. I recycle I should get a badge for that lol