Blueprint spawned but does not show

i spawned a base and it is on the map but does not appear can someone be kind enough to place the BA in its realitive current location? i has this BA before on same planet with no issue.
here is the info from structure commander.
Base (BA) 3780364 BA Uranus -1610 19 -1039 447 4234 false
any help is greatly appreciated.


Should be there. Maybe a relog helps.

i have relogged and re-started it shows on map as base icon and it shows in structure commander as per above paste, but i do not see it, its invisible to me.

can we just delete it? so nothing gets bugged in that spot?
or if possible re-plant it lower into the ground? to see if it shows up?
either way i am fine.


Ok. i look later at it.

Ok i destroyed it

thanks :slight_smile: