Bonus RP for PVP?

hello, i am sorry to bring this up again as there have been many post about it, i think i am not getting the PVP RP bonus, i have read the conditions to gain RP i am freelancer so we can not earn RP just buy it from the EGS, its just the bonus for living away from pve does not seem to be getting applied, to myself or my faction mate. is there any way to check that we should/should not be getting it? or what we are doing wrong?

thanks in advance


Hello, you are not the only one who is not recieving the bonuses.
For 3 days I am in PVP space, jumping from place to place with my origin weapon.
I have not crossed the elementary market, I have not gone down to any PVE planet, and only 1 of these 3 days it has given to me the bonus.
My origin is Hunter, so, It is clear that something is not working properly, please, check it soon and thanks for your hard work here.

I may be wrong or it’s possibly yet to be implemented but I’m sure I read in the post about the bonus RP it’s once per week, so you can’t enter a pve system even to warp through within that time. Also as far as I was aware there was initially a prob with it and jascha was looking into it.

Freelancer can ONLY buy RP with the EGS (Elemental Galactic Services) a special zone in a special building I am able to place hopefully today.

But I will think about allowing Freelancer to give them this bonus

ahh ok so at the moment freelancers dont get the pvp living bonus, i kinda thought it was for all living in pvp, but at least i know and i can stop checking for it :slight_smile: thx for the info rexX

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