Bonus RP still seems to be messed up

I have tested this again last night. I only played about 1-2 hours last night… log in and jump to EMP with weapon in bottom right spot of my inventory. We were told short stops (or even long as long as not during the time the “check” happens… think it was stated around 09:37am or some such) were ok and do not stop you from getting the bonus. I have not had anything in PVE and the only “PVE” i have done is trips to EMP to OCD stuff. These last ~30 mins… then warp out… Still im only getting 7 RP.

I have seen it give me 14 RP… once… but only once… since then… its always been 7… anyone else with this problem or can we have this looked into?

Does your faction have stuff in PVE?

The check happens at 09:17 server time (about 3:17am Eastern).

indeed… lots on PVE, donator planet, etc… but RP is person, not faction so should not matter here…

Nope, it is the whole faction considered. Otherwise it would be obviously imbalanced.

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WH*$%S??? really??? So you mean to say that personal RP bonus distribution, takes into account an entire factions assets on PVE? that does not seem good at all for so many levels… it forces the entire faction to go 100% PVP lifestyle to get that bonus… thats a hard pill to swallow there as almost everyone has a few folks that like to PVE or have donator planets for example.

There is no such thing as “Faction RP” so why are faction items calculated is my concern… this makes it almost impossible to obtain

PS: this needs to be cleared up and posted on the guide… as the “Faction” does not even come to a persons mind when thinking about RP gain… hoping that is changed however

Thanks, I updated the 5 origins regarding this.

However if you think about it it makes totally sense. Otherwise you just declare one black sheep as a decoy in PvP but all the rest is chilling in PvE or worst: in Elemental Marketplace because you laugh at the taxes then.

I’d like to point t out that this grave pill that is hard to swallow is ONLY the bonus RP.

So what are we losing if we have our faction playing in PVE? Nothing much. I’m sure many people played and earned RP for longer than 7 hours a day, but there was activity you needed to take every hour to accomplish that. 7 RP = 7 active hours in game. Now, 7 RP = 1 active hour in game. BUT, if you and your mates commit to the hard life, you get an extra 7. That’s equivalent to the old way of 14 in game active hours. Who did that often enough to complain that they’re losing anything, really.

14 RP a day for doing nothing is too much - I agree with this balance rule. 7 is generous.

And I’m not referring to exploiting the system and hanging out in the med bay for 24 hours…

I understand your point, the current gain is indeed way better than before. Its surely not a game stopper, its still decent…but (always is hehe)…

I was just shocked to find out that if any member in a faction has anything in PVE, it stops the bonus gain for the ENTIRE faction, all members now are ineligible for bonus from what this seems to be. It’s personal choice i felt to live in PVP or PVE, RP is gained personally not faction wide, so was assuming the calculation was made that way as well.

Few reasons it sucks that way, but key was as i noted above, donator planets… you know folks gonna build a base and park stuff on them… so essentially kills that bonus for not only those that do use it, by choice, but everyone in the faction, even those that never go to PVE areas or the donator planet. It just was not spelled out clearly in the guide or description of how it was gained IMHO.

Yes i can see how its a “loophole” where ONE person could build a “Faction” base in the PVE and everyone could call that effectively home. True, and thus i understand the reasoning and decision there. We just didnt know. Anyhow, at least thanks for clearing it up, helps explain what ive been seeing in my own RP gain (or perceived lack of), sure will take an extra week to earn what i want, but sounds like 6.0 probably drop within a month so guess its kinda moot point.

Still love the HWS server and would not play anywhere else. Keep up the good work…

Consider how taxes are calculated - faction very much impacts how and when you pay taxes. I’ve sure had to foot a bill for my mates and they for me. but i think the idea is promoting the idea of a team-working faction; not 40 people looking for the benefits and not the work its intended to reward.

im really looking forward to how we progress as a game and a community! more responsibility continues to be pushed down in to the players to maintain, so these little perks HWS has to reward them are a great way to help enforce it without straight up ruling how we play.

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