Bought 2 supporter packages last year but they have been added both to EU i wanted one for NA too

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What happened:
=> Bought a supporter package last July 2019 for EU server. Bought a second for NA server but i think there has been a mistake as my bank level on NA should have been level 3 from having the package enabled. From doing Cross Server Warp today everything has been wiped bar my OCD level 5 which i had put on before a break of 10 months. The issue is I had like 10m credits in my bank which i have now lost as the supporter package clearly wasnt activated here.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Brick Top


Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Enable the second supporter package I have purchased back to the NA server and refund the credits that were in there at the end of the season in August/September.


That is a huge travel back in time.
To be able to investigate, please describe slowly in more detail what were where and how.
I see too many words flying around. OCD, EB, credits, CSW…
Then @Jascha and I can check.

So i if my supporter package had been enabled on NA server back in August 2019 when I purchased it, I would have retained my level 3 Elemental Bank (EB) status. As my supporter package wasn’t enabled I have since lost the credits that were in my bank at the end of the season! I would like this refunded please as it was not my fault the supporter package was not enabled. I am pretty sure I had transferred the EB limit of 10 million credits into my bank to enable me to carry over the balance into future seasons.

Is there any record of the end balance of bank credits at the end of the season in August 2019?


so I checked the matter and saw that you accidentally bought the second HWS Supporter package on EU (so its double there). So I don’t see any issues on our side. But Rex moved it now to NA as you wished.

Sadly we have no records anymore of what you had so many seasons ago.
BUT: Even if you would have 10 mil at that time and due to no bank level 3 your bank credits would have been capped to level 1, you would still have 2.5 mil. I checked this and last season and you only had ~140k. That means you never had 10 mil to begin with.

Also there is no interest if you are not active (you weren’t active since: 2019-09-28 00:45:35). So also your money would not have increased that way.

Thank you for checking it out. I know haven’t been on for a while and 2 seasons passed since that time too, every 3 months or so, if so i would have lost the money in August 2019 not at the end of the following season. Anyhow I guess ill have to leave it at that. Thank you I appreciate your following it up.

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