Bounty board suggestions


Hey all,

I feel like the HWS hunter board is under utilized and could contribute to more proactive pvp. (Everyone seems to want to hunker down in a base) I want to open a discussion about possible improvements for 8.0 so feel free to drop a suggestion below.

To start: All bounties could be matched by the server to make the hunt more profitable. Match rates could be modified based on pvp kills, money in EB, number of reoccurring bounties, etc.


People don’t use bounties because allied players will just kill each other and collect. The same goes for being guilty. Bounties and Guilty status should not be able to be collected by anyone allied or alt accounts for it to be meaningful.

Now that I think of it, players should not be able to meet up and shoot each other to farm Lawless RP like they do either.


My RP is hovering at barely over 100. Guess I should kill my selves more often…


All valid points but for a different problem… falls under the fair play guidelines. I’m sure Rex could fix this if it’s important enough.


Well I am not going to put a large bounty on say Ucka Bucka knowing that Hammer will just run up and collect it. I did not mean to change the subject, just stating what would have to change before I would use it.


Yeah, allies shouldn’t be allowed to claim any kind of reward from members. There really needs to be something like a 24h delay on alliance or factions parting and claiming rewards. Can’t help alts though.


Alliances and faction mates never counted. A common myth spread around.

Alt accounts are something else, hard to track. But we have the logs and the names.
If someone is so lazy stupid to push himself like that and we catch him even once he will have a bad day. Or season. Or both.


Any thoughts on the concept?


Thought. Keeping the current limitations in place, could the ability to specify a bounty hunter or hunters be added?

For example — set bounty on someone and specify who is eligible to collect the bounty for the kill.

Two things have kept me from using it are: 1) high bounty cost, and 2) not able to assign the bounty to a specific hunter.

Match rate idea sounds good.


I think that would be abused. Same concept as the win trading mentioned above.


Another thought. The breadcrumbs to find the hunted — maybe add more levels of precision.

1m = playfield
5m = playfield + imprecise/stale coords
10m = playfield + more accurate/timely coords
20m = playfield + highly accurate/up to date coords

Space playfields are almost impossible to locate player with no coords. In 8, planets will be larger. Also, suggest a minimum bounty. In the above example — 1m would be the minimum required to set a bounty.


Reason for the assign bounty hunter idea — have no desire to establish a bounty, then have it paid to faction/player we’re regularly battling against.

Has the connotation of aiding and abetting the enemy.


When someone is “on the run”, staying in one location increases liklihood of being tracked down.

Possibly a mechanism that increases the precision and timliness of coordinates the longer the hunted remain within the area of their previously listed coordinates.

But, even with these ideas (or similar) incorporated, I likely would not place a bounty due to the possible payoff to an enemy. Other ideas how this could be addressed?

The other ideas I mention, in my opinion would make being a bounty hunter more attractive.


Yes of course! I mean, the Wild West was fun for some reasons, no? :wink: The Bounty system can be extended much more.

Don’t know exactly what that means though… “matched by the server”? Like the server providing the money? That is exploitable…

But something like already mentioned:

  • lock the Hunt for certain players
  • additional time based bonus (the faster you kill the target the better)
  • revisit prices and levels
  • penalty for frequent bounty heads (normally dead is dead, hm!?). E.g. after the 10th bounty you get also RP as reward or maybe the ship from your trophy straight away

etc. go ahead