Bounty Hunting

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There are three ways to place a bounty on another player’s head.


In faction chat: type


Example egs:bounty:RexXxuS:100000000

HWS Connect

Use the HWS Connect web interface to place a bounty on someone

Or you can click the little bounty icon, on a players name.

Bounty Conditions

Please review the following tips regarding bounties:

  • A bounty of 1 to 9,999,999 credits will display only the targeted player name and the bounty amount

  • A bounty of more than 10,000,000 credits will display the targeted player name, the bounty amount and the playfield that the targeted player is on but not the coordinates

Additional Info

  • The bounty you place will be subtracted from your bank as soon as you set it
  • The bounty is automatically transferred to the Bounty Hunter when the job is done
  • The higher the bounty, the more likely that the targeted player will be found and exterminated.
  • From HWS Connect you can toggle, so you get notifications everytime a player comes online! A sound is even played.

HWS Online Players

If you scroll to the bototm of the page in the Hunter Board, you’ll be able to see all the online players, their faction, and then you can put bounties on them. Patrons can even whisper or send money to them.

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