Bounty Hunting

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There are two ways to place a bounty on another player’s head.


In faction chat: type


Example egs:bounty:RexXxuS:100000000

HWS Connect

Use the HWS Connect web interface to place a bounty on someone

Bounty Conditions

Please review the following tips regarding bounties:

  • A bounty of 1 to 9,999,999 credits will display only the targeted player name and the bounty amount

  • A bounty of more than 10,000,000 credits will display the targeted player name, the bounty amount and the playfield that the targeted player is on but not the coordinates

Additional Info

  • The bounty you place will be subtracted from your bank as soon as you set it
  • The bounty is automatically transferred to the Bounty Hunter when the job is done
  • The higher the bounty, the more likely that the targeted player will be found and exterminated.
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Lemmonsoda and Paxxo1985 claimed a bounty for my head for nothing