Bring back Origin planets pls :D

Hey HWS team,

Since the last wipe, and even before that, i noticed the lack of ppl trying to settle in PVP.

We tried with TCH and Thranir a lot of times on golden, but due to some offline raiders, the fun went off, the will to build is not really here anymore, i tried yesterday evening again on GG, but as usual get off raided when i’m at work in the morning. (by the same usual toxic ppl).

So i missed the old days when faction / origin planets was full PVP (2.0), even during those times there was more ppl in PVP whereas we were less max players during prime time. But back in those days, we were so whishing for some kind of alliance system, which we kindly begged to Eleon.

Then in 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0, Rex got this epic idea to make all ppl of the same origin allies by default, so we can all try to settle on our origin planet full PVP.
BUT, the little thing which (in my opinion) was not so great, those planets were restricted only ppl matching the origin of each planet, so you could only fight between your own origin, and to me it was the bad part.

So what about now we got the alliance system, putting back the 5 origins planets, where we are allies with ppl of the same origin by default, but anyone can come and go at anytime.

I think we will have this feeling back of meeting different factions, making some new friends/allies and if all goes well, reach a point where we all fight together in some epics fights, each origin trying to protect their planet in Glory, Pizzas, Cookies, Women with some Beers of course :smiley:

May be even replace PVE planets (keep peacekeepers) to maintain the limited numbers of maximum playfields.

As we don’t have a working offline protection right now, it might helps a lot the will for some ppl to try to live in PVP knowing you’re not alone and got some neighboors, so it can be a good thing for new ppl and veterans, and globally for PVP, as right now it’s a desert and we are back with some overcrowed PVE playfields.

What do you think all ?

“Origin planets”:

I see… but… then they are just normal PvP planets. I mean sure, what I have learned so far is that if I name a planet “gold” then people go there and expect gold. Even if there are only dinos.
But I believe that even if I put the five planets like “Trader Origin” in there soooner or later people will go there and just kill anyone anytimes. Breaking alliances anytime.

So yeah… hmm… in 6.0 we thought that it would be cool if only monday till friday your origin have access to the planet and weekend everyone. You know? During the week epic alliances can be created… epic fortresses can be built and at the weekend massive awesome fights will happen… trader + guardian vs the rest! YEAH! Wait…
Result: empty planets.

Even the Homeworld planets… billions of sathium or other stuff there… empty PvP planets…

The only thing where you can catch PvP is Gold. All other ideas, themes, planets are like PvP parking lofts which may or not be found.
Darkworld where you could only see 10 meters was also a good one. But there was also Gold.

PvPvE rotation… also used by veterans and also sooner or later dying. Even though the idea is one of the most accepted one.

So yeah… any further ideas? :wink:

Some new ones will be released soon but I am open for more.

Yeah i agree Rex in the end it’s always a desert haha…even gold…but i thought origins were good because you made a story behind that so they were a bit more than just pvp planets…hmmm well in my head :smiley: and forcing everyone by default to be ally in the same origin was a good idea, i bet some ppl are too shy to ask for alliance, etc…but well it’s the best i can think of right now to improve pvp :smiley: like a mix of things done from 1.0 until now ^^

Rex, quick question : is it possible on your admin side with code / tool, to make a player base invincible like some POI ?

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I’ve got an idea a few days later of completing the survey. What if u create a great war universe with 2 origins. Give them a homeworld sector and cross sectors where they have to fight for resources.

I was thinking of smth, as you are always ahead of Eleon on ideas / skills, may be you can code your own offline protection service.

The idea is some kind of HWS guarding system : a command only available on HWS connect to make the target base in structure commander invincible, but for that to work no one in the faction must be online, and the command only trigger after a certain time (like the timer we want for the actual OP).

If someone in the faction log in, the protection wears off.

The command could even cost gold.

Is it smth possible ?

Well well… I personally requested this by Eleon because exact that reason. BUT we got some sick players showed us that it was bad!
Automatic alliances is a fake good thing. Because people then fly to a pvp planet. Build near each other and then, at a sunny day they just cancel the alliance. And now go and start collecting the tears my friend.
That is why people need to do it themselves with people they trust.

Nope, not possible. Only the core tells you if a structure is invincible or not. And this can be only achieved by yaml changes or placing the core actually.

The survey showed some request in reducing the origin amount to 3… it is a bigger overall HWS refactoring we might do in the future.

Hehe, same as in the survey people start giving better ideas more and more … :wink:

I can just say: wait for it :wink:

@RexXxuS ok you asked for it.

Homeworld -
Space - PvE , No building, 24hr reset,
Planet 1 - PvP Restricted to players only, gold deposits,asteroids only, 24hr reset.
Planet 2 - PvP Restricted to HV,SV rare asteroids only, 24hr reset
Planet 3 - PvP Unrestricted, Gold deposits no digging AM’s only. weekly reset.
Planet 4 - PvP POI’s Galore
Planet 5 - Battleground Factions only. limited cores per faction. Build your rep here.

BlackHole - Just put it back the way it was. That was perfect IMO.

Make certain essential resources only available in PvP. Not Erest or Zasc as those are
already abundant. Id suggest neo and sath. And of course Gold.

Now players can enter pvp at any level, whether it be personal weapons, SV,HV,CV or
even epic faction wars.

You mean full planet wipe or only surface wipe (keeping structures)?

You can’t place AMs to Gold deposits.

Ehm when? What? How was Black Hole when and how?
I thought it is like it ever was now… :thinking:

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Full Wipe. This is to prevent any one faction from monopolizing the system.

Was hoping that planet with AM would be a defend your AMs scenario.

Black hole in 5.0. Giant asteroid field. CVs were much larger then so perhaps we
could give it another try.

What is the difference from building on these planets and get every 24 hours everything wiped than someone offline raiding you every 24 hours?
In both cases your mighty “RIP PvP” would apply…

That was the issue and that got addressed. The hundreds of hundreds of vortex roids and cloud particles nerfed the performance even if you jetpacked around.
Will re-implement it if the code is more performant.

Well, i dont think that we need origin planets back. But it is true, that the new PVE planets destroy PVP.

Just go, visit M31P or Athos and count all autominers you find. I warn you, you will be busy for looooooong xd

This is most important issue to be corrected. As Rex decided to do something for PVE player (what is ok i think) at least autominers should not be possible, so that players would have to mine by personal drill or HV, so “work” for their resources.

As i stated in another post Sathium, Neo and Penta dont belong to PVE areas in big quantities. People should travel to PVP for farming it.

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The daily wipe planets is to discourage the building of large bases and camping of the playfield by
powerful factions. These planets aren’t meant for building permanent bases.

Wiping space daily discourages camping that playfield as powerful factions can afford the tax.

The weekly wipe was a protect your AMs type scenario. Ill need rethink that one.

The Battle Ground for factions only has an overall faction core limit. Private cores are not allowed.
This means you must choose between how many bases compared to how many HV SV you can put
in the field.

Offline raiding isn’t the problem. Several factions have proven without exploiting that building in PvP
was possible. Bases can be constructed that are capable of defending themselves for hours without
player participation. Op4 occupied another factions donor planet right up until the last wipe and it was
attacked by them (and others) and they are one of the better PvP factions. We also occupied desert
against everyone on the server for the later half of 5.0. Even traders came to get in on the action. Those
battles were epic and proved Once a properly constructed Base network is set up it would take hours
to defeat its defenses. If it has just a few defenders than only the most organized factions would have
any chance of taking it.

Most bases are taken because players make common mistakes. Just as you cant expect to survive
CV battle in some PvE or workshop ship the same can be said for PvE bases. Many are taken simply
because people park CVs inside their bases perimeter. We simply Rush in a Hvy HV and use their
CV for cover.

I don’t think the autominers are the issue. I think it’s the amount of deposits. Between the two “new” pve planets, you get something like 15 iron deposits of very high quality. Really should just be 2 of each resource.

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Again the usual BS from the best Offline protection faction abusers named OP4, prove us you can make 1 base that will defend itself with nobody online during at least 24H and then you can talk, every base can defends itself for a few hours, but unfortunatly most of us got a life when you need to sleep, then work, then IRL stuff before playing.

So yes, offline raiding is a major PB right now for most of us and kill all the fun of the pvp on this server, go play single player if you want to raid POI or base without ppl online.


I don’t know how many times it has to be said, IF you build in a PvP zone you should at ANY time expect your base to be attacked whether or not you or your faction is online. Right now we have a base on Homeworld on NA (that’s right, I’m at work not online) that could be raided RIGHT NOW and I can’t defend it. Go raid it, hell I have a box half full of gold ore for the winner in the base!

But sadly you won’t, instead you come here and complain about your base being wiped in a PvP play field. OP isn’t necessary if our base has existed for a week without any issues. Instead I will get off work, hang out with my kids for half the night and log on to an intact base.

There, your invitation to go raid, enough said.

Base Turrets can be sniped fix that and bases can last A LOT longer offline.

Not really a fair statement here. Congrats on having a day job, but the reason your base will be there tonight when you log in is because this is the scoreboard right now:

Not because of superior engineering, or whatever yall like to tell yourselves. It is because at any given moment you have someone online. Which… kudos. Not complaining, or saying its unfair. But it does mean that all of y’alls claims about “offline raiding woes are due to lack of building skill” are pretty much based in fantasy and delusion.


Ahhhh shit did someone say Hunger Games?!?!? Ya Rex make a Planet for Players only survival!! No HV/SV/CV Allowed!! Only the strong

I like this idea too :slight_smile: a planet we can warp to but not spawn any vehicle on, only our drills and guns. I miss Rust a bit so this can give me back that feeling of pvp as first person shooter.