Bug by Faction Standings, 3 Ships lost *DUPLICATE*

Hello Rex / Admin, greet you,
I have since a small concern if necessary BugReport. My CV, Loki’s Mamba can no longer be found. Neither via the registry, nor via HWS Connect. The ship I put off beside my base, a fight certainly did not take place, otherwise the base would be fired. No offense has been made by you. The ship has not violated the 20K block limit …
An ID I can give you, since I find it nowhere is probably difficult to deliver. Can dud as please check once? Until yesterday evening 01:00 clock was still there
Thank you Rex

As shown in Fig.
As it seems it is a bug in the fraction recognition to be. I have just climbed into a new ship and have put it (as usual) on faction U-P and the station (my own on private) opens the fire and shoots me naturally from + death
That was until yesterday not so since I have always done so, station on private - ships on faction … speak has now lost 3 ships
Hope you can help, because my resources thanks to OCD are limited to only 4 actually, and also limits a bug of course, because the station then also fired at friends / faction

translated with Google

wrong Topic, sorry - now in get support

I went ahead and marked this thread as a duplicate for you. For future reference you can change the topic it is in without making it again. Just edit the header as I did

ok, thanks
hope HWS Team can help me… makes no funny if the own base shooting the own ships down

So I will say based on that sentence, make sure you dont have anything set to public, and remember that when you place a fresh core in an existing structure or vehicle, it gets set to public. Faction or private turrets will instantly shoot at public.

But he wrote nothing from public. His ship was an Faction, and his own base (Private) fired on his own faction ship!
So i Think he want to say hat his base (Private) also kills his faction CV´s! And that is then a bug!

thanks sabrina,

that is what happens… my own base on privat destroyed 2 CV and 1 SV and killed me