Bug off death

Ok guys IV messaged Rex about this already but want everyone to be aware of this.

  1. Last night my HV killed me, while traveling my cockpit was replaced by a second core. Not sure how but it happened but it killed me instantly.
  2. Docking sv onto CV, while trying to warp and gain RP I die 4 separate times while docking my sv onto my cv, since it happened 4 times I can determine that it happens upon exiting the sv.
    The first only happened once but the second seems more common place so I would advise caution if you are carrying alot of things or doing a trade run, entre your control panel and deposit your inventory into a cargo box until you are safely out the sv
  • I also got killed by by own ships
  • I get shot through terrain / walls
  • I get lagshot
  • I get warped high into the sky on a planet and then I fail to use jetpack at right time and die

Today 2 out of 3 deaths was by bugs and at least half of my deaths are caused by bugs.

Yeah not much fun, specially if you want to gain rp I’ve sent Rex my logs and best described them so hopefully they can get patched :slight_smile:

cant agree more. 2/3 of all my deaths is caused by bugs.

well hope u send logs and descriptions to rex as thats the only way to help sort em out.

If you dock an sv to a cv near a planet you need to get out of the sv asap or else you’re going to die.