Bug on sv after cws

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: bug after cws on sv
Player(s) with issue: jollyroger970
Server: san
Time (cb:time): n.a.
Playfield: cws san
Structure Name(s): jr svm
Structure ID(s): 21019285
**How can we help you now:**Hello
the other day after cws from NA to SAN the SV “jr svm” id 21019285 was recreated with the "core"
external to the structure.
The sv is one of those bought at the market with the miner if I touch the core I probably lose it. see if you can fix it
currently sv is on
jr svm 21019285 ITA HQ 1528 89 971 1 2694 1 False 2579 0 00:00 45 397 False
thank you

Sorted, let me know all ok?

yesss thx :rofl:

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