Bug or?

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What happened:
BoldChicken: i enter GG
BoldChicken: i lag like hell
BoldChicken: then i see 4 ships around me
BoldChicken: 1 guy was walking in the air and cored my ship
BoldChicken: that 1 guy was collin
BoldChicken: then somehow i get into space again
BoldChicken: with the x7
BoldChicken: dont ask me how
BoldChicken: then the power went off
BoldChicken: he walks into my x7 and kills me with 1 shot
BoldChicken: like a zirax shotgun POI

Player(s) with issue: Boldchicken
Server: sanctuary
Time (cb:time): 30 min ago "no servertime available "
Playfield: golden globe
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: no video proof is available but this is a tip for investigation . thats all .we dont care about ship or anything else its the event that occurred thats upsetting .

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A lot of times with GG you have to wait a few minutes entering the planet before all the surrounding vessels, bases, POIs to render before making your descent to the surface. It’s not uncommon to have to wait 3-5 minutes at the very edge of breaking atmo before you see the battlefield.


im aware of rendering matters and if it was case then so be it but the story line does not add up to that matter since ported back to space and the speed of movement of players "where they should have similar issues in matter of congested playfield + - " thats why i raised this matter up .

Hey man let me explain a few things for you to understand what happened and how it happened so fast. I saw you flying, I engaged you… you ran towards orbit giving me good shots on rear/I have multiple X7’s and know exactly where core is. I shot your core out… you stopped mid air. I then flew over to re core your ship as fast as possible. I re cored your ship mid air with my ship floating. I then had to quickly jump back in my ship to chase you because you flew off with MY cored ship. Then I tried to power it off on the chase for you but it was not showing in my registry. I went to orbit with you, chased you… checked my registry over and over and then it popped up… turned the ship off. you slowly stopped… I got out and shot you with sniper very dangerous gun. I am 4500+ hours in the game it was very easy kill no offense. Good fight had fun sorry you didn’t understand what happened! xD


hey @colin2cold budd im relating a msg from a faction member that was pissed more at glitches then anything else . it wasnt me flying :slight_smile: plus the glitches are what worries me since its non consistent and does not represent any bug i know yet on gg so far . ps : im at almost 4k hours playtime on this game as well lol so no need to elaborate more i suppose :slight_smile:

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Thanks for handling it smoothly.
I can also back up the story:


Core was replaced by colin on golden globe, before geting out of planet.
That the game messed up, letting BoldChicken fly further seems to be a lag bug :frowning:


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