Bug: Recycle Center gives blocks not accepted by blueprint factory

I just recycled 2 CV it gives me back some strange blocks.

The problem is that: These blocks are not accepted by the Blueprint Factory.
Maybe are an old type of blocks?
These CV was not old type and the blocks removed using MultiTool was regulary accepted by BP Factory.

Tank you.

I look forward to a reply from Admin on this one.

hm yeah we noticed he gives you the actual blocks… not the Main ones. We were not sure that they are not usable.
We will change that soon.

I mean… Even if they were usable in factory, it would require having loads of open slots in the ocd to accomodate the incoming types, correct?

Really would be nice to instead of giving us back all the misc parts, railing, glass, 100 different types of ship parts on a single CV… but to instead, have the game use a list to say, bam… ventilator… 10 iron, 3 cobalt, 1 silicon… .etc… and then at the end… give us the total recycle back in ingots instead…

Essentially, melting down the parts to their core components and giving back the bars… then you only need what… 10 slots for you OCD and done no matter what you recycling. As it is now… i dont want the cables, or railing, or deco plants taking up my OCD… should not be too hard to greatly improve this feature.

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Except that a good sized ship will be at LEAST two slots worth of iron alone

yeah but lets not mention the OCD slot size nerf here :slight_smile: haha… point to made is that i will definately help save space IMHO

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