Bug With Freelancer Starter Armor Pick Up

When fresh starting on freelancer bar where you pickup your medium armor, a quest prompt comes up which gives two options, “got it!” and “skip”. If you press skip you can still buy your armor, but the quest check mark for it does not register and you remain locked inside with no way of getting out unless you cb:reset. This happened to 2 of my friends and may be a barrier to unsavvy new players who may quickly press skip and get frustrated and are not aware of chat reset options.

Hey @billymays,

thanks for that report. Indeed skipping the first PDA Quest is a showblocker at the moment. I guess even if I make a big fat red warning to “NOT SKIP THIS FIRST QUEST” people would still do it…

I have reworked each start for HWS 7 already where Quests will be VERY important but not blocking you from any part of the game if you skip them (you are only in disadvantage then).

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Hahahaha… Worst is, you are completely right =D =D

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