Bug with small deposits

They are too small for automining, but when I shoot them out they remain at 100%

These small deposits are pure troll…

Thats perfect then, purposely shoot them out then stick autominers there and no one can stop it :slight_smile:

You can NOT place autominers on small deposits like that… That is the whole reason these things are such troll. And on top of it they bug and don’t create meteorite spawns like this…

So you are the Deposit Griefer?! Aha!
Good to know :pouting_cat:

Not sure what you mean tiny, i found a 300 or 400 neodium deposit today i just bearly started mining the top soil before even hitting deposit and it said meteor incoming… prop tip you don’t even have to mine deposits to start meteors :slight_smile:

Oh I assumed you guys were both kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

No you can not place autominers on deposits that are too small (like 20 ores). The game won’t allow it and even displays an error message on the top-right of the screen when trying. So their only purpose is to be depleted to get meteorites to drop. But that too didn’t work as you saw (when you shoot it)… So those small deposits are really trolling us :wink:

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May be a bug where deposits being blown up instead of mined does not deplete the counter.

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