Bug: Wrong role listed in HWS Connect Player Stats

I should be listed as “Pirate”. I spawned in Pirate origin, and am included in pirate faction list.

Name Faction Role Reputation Points Deaths Playtime (in hours) Available Blueprint spawns Available Resource packages Keep 500k Credits after full wipe Keep 5m Credits after full wipe Keep all Credits after full wipe Keep your Blueprint Resources after full wipe after full wipe Current Playfield O/W Coordinate Height N/S Coordinate
Mujahaderp ERP Hunter x x x x - x x - x x x x x xxxxxxxx

It will be updated soon. Just a sync problem, nothing more - This what Rexxxus told me having the same issue.


OK good to know… as i’m a trader and it has me listed on Connect as a pirate… Ewww… lol

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