Bugged capital vessel

I cant get down my capital vessel, sometimes i see it at 1047 of heigth and sometimes at 50.
id:2809842 HELP PLS!!!

RagnaR did you try asking in global? there are two ways to fix this bug, one is easier, the other takes a command line.

1: This one works like 80% of the time, and only takes a few seconds. Get close as you can to the ship (to make sure it renders) and go into registry: Tab, then registry. Find the ship that is stuck (hopefully you named it something other than (cv) Capital Vessel) and click the powered check box at the top. Ship should drop like a rock

2: If this doesnt work, try typing cb:getshipdown:2809842 while directly under it into the faction chat.

Build BA’s above your ships now to secure them or land them sideways or even upside down to prevent this.


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