Bugged CV, opening anything kicks me out of the game

i can fly it, but if i open anything, the game keeps playing but im not in the game anymore, and once i close the container i cant open or do anything else. I relog and it puts me back to where i opened the container. I cant remove anything or put anything in. My SV’s work fine.

Apparently i just had to send this in because now the ship seems to be working. I fought this, logged out, then some more and i have no idea how i fixed it shrug

nope, if im in the cockpit it works sometimes, still bugged

Did you have any crashes? If you open your console do you have any red messages there?
We focus more on bug fixing with the devs now. So we are a bit more strict to crashes now.

We need you to send us your logs. We changed the rules regarding this.

Abrum please go to your steamapps/common/Empyrion…/Logs/Current-Build and send that on the forums or rex in personaly
Greetz MSE

There were no crashes. The bug was hiding in one of the new storage crates I had added to my Polaris. I deleted all the new crates and it fixed the issue.