Bugged RP

NA server. same ingame name

Trader RP earning seems to be bugged for me.
I’m living in PVE and visiting ECC planet nearly every day. I seem to be only gaining 1 RP per day though. My origins epic always stays with me.
At this speed it seems pointless to even try to have RP.

“+3 RP if another origin bought your Black Market trades per day”
^ That could also use some clarification. Is this supposed to be sales through the HWS connect black market? Sales through the ingame marketplace?

Yep, I seem unable to earn more than 1 RP per day.
Am I missing something? I’m following what the guide says.

is somebody from your faction living in pvp? that would hinder you gaining 3 rp for living in pve.

I’m the only member, nothing in PVP.

I have never earned the RP for visiting ECC planet, which is funny since I’m earning my bank interest when I visit.

It’s 1 RP for PVE living, not 3, and I seem to be earning that since I still earn RP on the days I don’t visit the bank. I have just been getting robbed of the second RP the whole time.

The 3 RP comes from selling goods somewhere, although I can’t figure that one out either. I’ve had at least one sale in the ingame marketplace and don’t think I earned RP for that either (they could have been the same origin though).


the title “Bugged RP” is not correct (which I will eventually change).

Correct. You got +1 RP all the days

“+3 RP if another origin bought your Black Market trades per day”

Don’t know how to clarify a 1:1 term even more.
Only thing some people have overread: Elemental Marketing in the EGS HQ is the same technique as the Black Market. Which is obvious since they are the same commands.
But the Eleon Marketplace is something totally different.

So the whole point of your wrong claim is that you don’t sell anything in the Black Market…

No @RexXxuS, the point of my post is that I am only earning 1RP per day when I should be earning 2RP per day (most days), hence the bugged RP.

From the Guide:
"+1 RP per day for living only in PvE"
"+1 RP per day if visited planet Elemental Capital City"

I am visiting the ECC planet almost every day and I am living in PVE but I have only ever earned 1RP per day. Something is bugged. I am earning interest in the bank, so why no RP for visiting?

I was just asking for clarification on the blackmarket thing.

ah, the Black Market thing irritated me.

Have to see about the ECC thing. Hold on

I’m sorry I irritated you, It wasn’t my intentions. If you re-read my posts you will see I never claimed I should be earning the 3RP for trading, I was simply asking for clarification.
As you pointed out yourself, there are multiple places to sell and only one of them qualifies for the RP. I was confused and asking for clarification. Sorry, it won’t happen again.

As for changing the title, I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate. The RP earning for traders is bugged for me (and perhaps other people?), that’s why I chose the title.

I thought I clearly stated in my first post that I was living in PVE and visiting the ECC planet and only earning 1RP. I guess I will have to choose more careful wording in the future?

Again, sorry if I came across the wrong way. I was only seeking help for something that IS bugged.

naah, no need to apologize.
All good :slight_smile:
Title can stay as it is I guess.

I think I found the error and you should get your +1RP tomorrow 9AM again if you visited ECC today.

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