Bugs killed me and made me loose stuff i got with hard work

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What happened: 1)I was inside my SV and a scorpion was able to kill me. 2) I put a water generator with 14 fusion cells in the water 2 days ago and now it vanished 3) I built an advanced constructor amd when terminated it vanished
Player(s) with issue:
Server: Write here
Time (cb:time): 15th, 2 days ago and today which is 17th
Playfield: Starter Planet Alliance
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: when I’ve been killed in a non possible way I lost my backpack I was able to recover only the object from the SV so I lost a lot of valuable things like weapons and tools and other stuff. I lost all the water generated by the water generator with 14 fusion cells and the water generator. I lost the possibility to build an advanced constructor because now i don’t have enough materials anymore.

I did something similar to start at the Starter Planet Freelance. I put a water generator and it disappeared instantly.

You need to report to Eleon forum. Is a game bug not a HWS bug if happened.
Consider also that the first days are the most problematics because of lags. These are minor stuff.
Water generators are wiped every friday at 5.00 pm so be careful and remove them before.
If you were killed by a bug inside your sv probably you were already dead before entering but cause lag you died seconds later.

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