Build This Ship, Get Paid 20m!

Hull and structure must be entirely combat steel

The ship must be Class 5

The ship must include the hangar bay nestled into the nose of the ship, in between and behind the main guns

The real ship has a rotating mid section that is impossible in Empyrion. Therefore In your design, have it in the horizontal position. (out like wings)
I’ll likely use it for extra hangar space.

Try to make it large, size wise. It should have redundant systems (More than 1 bank or group of generators, RCS, fuel tanks) in different locations on the ship.

To get paid, post here that you intend to try to build the ship. Let me acknowledge that I’ve seen your post, and then you can get started.
You’ll be paid in stages for your work, so that you can get $$ for your time spent even if you don’t finish the ship all the way:

I’ll pay 1m for anyone I acknowledge just for trying and making an empty hull shell in game.
I’ll pay 5m if I wind up using your hull sketch and finishing it myself ( I dont want to do this )
I’ll pay 10m for The Complete Ship, without textures/decals - If I accept your hull shell and ask you to finish it
I’ll pay 15m for The Complete Ship, with decals and textures, if I accept your finished design and ask you to decal/texture it.
I’ll pay 20m If the ship is everything I dreamed of

Use the images/videos below and/or your own google searches to “complete the look”

Hard-Light mod communities wiki image:

A version built by Geko92 in Avorion:

A short video of the ship in game in combat:

Feel free to use the ship, enter it in contests, or whatever you like if you are the original author. I’m just paying for your time and a copy of the blueprint


That’s a pretty impressive ship. I wouldn’t mind taking it on it I wasn’t working on the CCC III projects :wink:

Feel free to build this for both! Actually if anyone answers the call and it comes out sweet I was gonna suggest that they upload a version for the garage. (Or, rather, edit it and then return it to them and ask them to submit it)

So yeah, feel free to double dip on this one, build it for me and submit it for other contests on HWS as well its a great ship from a great series and I was gonna use it as my not-so-serious ship.

@Rabid Hey just letting you know I have not forgotten about your offer. Just been extremely busy with the competition builds. Not sure if anyone else has reached out to you about the ship.

Also, I can look up footage and pictures but if you have any resources or links that would be great. That way I can get a better idea of what you would like besides what you have posted. I would plan on building a completed ship. I don’t like half completed projects :wink:

I could build it, but I would want more than 20million to make it look like a commercial/video game ship … to make it actually functional within those means. Forget it, I am out.

I build a ship from the components outward, so its kinda backwards to try and fit the components in after the fact. But who knows… maybe ill build it for myself just to try and kill you with it, lol.

To truely see this ship in its full glory, go download Descent Freespace 1+2, beat them, enjoy the story. Then go download the fan made conclusion arc, Blue Planet (content includes paid professional voice acting and professional game devs/sci-fi novelists doing the production of said mod)

In Blue Planet, where this ship comes from, you’ll get a good feel for it as you’ll be a fighter pilot based out of its small hangar bay. The story alone is worth the playthrough. Best. Scifi. Ever.

No due date exists for those of you who are considering the build. As stated in the OP, I will pay out in stages for the progress you’ve made so far. At each stage you could negotiate (if you had good grounds such as an impressive build going so far) for a different payout for the completion of the next stage.

The ship doesnt really have to “function” - You already cannot have the gyro spin in the rear of the ship as it does in original content. The hangar bay in the nose of the ship behind the big guns is pretty necessary since I want that feature and it really wouldnt be the same without it.
In terms of Empyrion usability:
I’ll probably replace some of the turrets at minimum.
The ship in original game content has way better graphics - I dont expect commercial quality, just make it look good! Its a replica, not a duplicate.

I intend to use this for a PvE base ship/casual play ship. Not something I’d challenge a rival to a duel with.

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Do you have any particular dimensions for this ship? I’m gonna try my hand and see what I can do and try to make it as large as possible given the size 7 limit

I’d prefer a size 5 for a finished ship, I have a feeling that size classes might be reduced some day. Still… if HWS keeps class 7’s then the ship will still be usable and I’ll be happy with it.

But, theres a really good chance that as a class 7 it’ll be too big for the future.
Switch to 5 if its not too late