Building at the red wall

so new to this server, needed info about building base on a planet

only admin or gm or anything online was “andrea” and i spoke with her. she told me in her words “bases can not touch or come close to the red wall, and an SV needs to be able to fit between your base and the red wall”

is this a lie, or are most of the players on this server breaking this rule? would love to know, and would liek to know if it is indeed not true, why would andrea lie to a player? if it is true, why are so many bases that are touching red walls still standing?

Simple, park a 2 block (or 1 if you make it right) wide SV between the wall and call it good!

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Serious Squirrel - 12/28/2017
@RexXxuS is just touching the red wall ok?
if less than a block sticks thru
RexXxuS - 12/28/2017
touching is ok. Just not anything behind it

Has this changed Rex?

No. Touch is fine.

She didn’t lie but just didn’t know better.

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i’l let her know

I said at least an SV away to be on the safe side that way you would know that you were not breaking the rules it is better to be safe than sorry. and it would only mean 2-3 blocks away which in my eyes dosent make much dfferance

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The right pilot can cause some nasty damage with that much room. Though generally, it doesn’t.

you would get killed if there were guns on the base before they can take the guns out so i don’t see how

Oh I have ideas about that.

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that is?

I will not disclose proprietary information on a public forum!

Silly Andrea

Let’s put it this way, where there is a will there is a way. And most of us vet Pvpers have plenty of will. (For better or worse)

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Usually worse.

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