Building base on corpse/logout allowed?

So that when they login again they get killed over and over and over again. Apparently this just happened to someone (pirates…). Basically you spawn a core+fuel+generator+turret and it will kill whomever logins or spawns there over and over again.

But they can just decide to spawn on Mars instead (or clone chamber if they still have one). So it can be avoided. Is this allowed?

This is not black and white enough to say it isn’t allowed. I guess ppl do it when the other player logs out to avoid dying in the first place (how else would they know where the player logged out)

Worse case the player dies once then has options to spawn elsewhere.

No big dramas here :slight_smile:

Ah okay so we can use this vs combat loggers and when I see a ship I can just destroy the ship and spawn a BA there to kill them for fun when they login next time :smiley:

I guess so, destroying someone’s base to then build in the same spot seems like a logical situation. If it’s purely for purposes of hoping someone logs in there I’d say that’s a situation that won’t always work out. Maybe someone has 5 bases…what’s the odds of them being at that 1 ;).