Bye... maybe after the wipe

Well I logged in after having a real bad day in RL, so what happens as I fly back to G! DC again! That’s not all I of course land in front of…you guessed it the Drone Base which proceeded to shoot the crap out of me and my SV. Couldn’t retrieve my backpack so I figured I would walk half way around the world to my hv and start again. Well wouldn’t you know not a minute into starting it I ran out of fuel, which I know I topped off and shut off before logging. Of course no way to prove that is there? So no tools, no hv no way to my orbital base that about cuts it for me. On top of losing my CV yesterday on origin I just give up. Also with the upcoming wipe I just don’t feel it is worth trying to get to a point where I will lose everything anyway. Like the server, love the origins idea, and all the specials. However this game is just to buggy to often to enjoy without having to run to admin or someone for help, I really try not to be that way unless it is necessary but it seems that way to often lately. Thanks to CaptKurt for rescuing me from Origin. I may be back after the wipe, but for now I just don’t see it. Maybe when they get that Disconnect bug worked out, Before it was just a message now it is an nuisance. Thanks for having me, wish you all well in the future.

Join a faction. Do not play this game alone. It will drive you mad.

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I second that this server is almost impossible to play as single player.

If you have a clone chamber if your orbital base you should be able to suicide (destroyme cmd in console) and rezz there if it is set as your home…

Sorry to see you go, but I mean, other than the disconnect… that shit happens in single player also.
If you make too big of a mistake, you’ll find yourself having to resort to console commands to save your skin.
When you come back, look into joining a faction, great players on this server.

Sorry to hear but understandable - most important: hopefully RL is good again.

With the coming wipe we also collected feedback like this “too hardcore for solo players” etc. so we will really address this. At least provide alternatives for them.
The current “Survival Difficulty” at the beginning doesn’t help much we saw.

It will get replaced by recommendations like “Good for Solo Player” or “Team needed”. Something like that.

We hope to see you back soon.


Since were on the topic of a wipe, how often does the server do a full wipe?

Once every two months, barring extraordinary circumstances