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What happened: I just did the Gold Heist mission. The INSTANT I come out, I’m gunned down by Korus from faction Red, who just sat there next to the mission exit, with an epic laser minigun and gunned me down before I could even react. I had on epic heavy armor that wasn’t even damaged, and was dead before I could even react after spawning back in. There is literally NO reason to do a mission like that when there’s such a cheese way for someone to murder you the INSTANT you exit the mission, and there’s EVERY reason for ■■■■■■■ PVPers to just camp the exit portal to claim an easy epic drill, 4,000 gold ingots, and 5 rare alien containers for the cost of no more than a handful of minigun ammo. The current setup on this mission (and probably others like it) is strong incentive for people to be assholes.

Player(s) with issue:
=> 4739263

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 23 October 2019 07:30

=> Homeworld Planet

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How can we help you now:
=> This mission, and others like it, need to have their exit redesigned so that someone exiting the instance has a chance to defend themselves. This dude had me half dead before I had even finished spawning in and able to control my avatar to dodge. Exiting the instance should put you into a room with a door that can’t be opened from the outside in order to ensure that the exiting player has a chance to finish spawning in and have control over their avatar before someone is able to start firing on them. Without that, there’s no point in even bothering with such a mission, and the existence of the mission becomes pointless. As it stands, all it does is encourage asshattery. I ended up losing not only the mission reward of 1 epic drill,4,000 gold ingots, and 5 alien containers (rare), but also an epic shotgun, epic assault rifle, epic laser rifle, epic minigun, epic rocket launcher, and the epic drill I brought in with me, plus all the ammo I brought for those weapons, not to mention all the gold ore I mined while in there, which was quite a bit.


This could be done but it probably wouldn’t change things much. There would be no way to stop someone from doing the mission and then staying in that room until someone else finishes it, and then the same result as you have already experienced.

People will still be dicks if they want to be, sadly.

That wouldn’t be much of an ambush, since anyone desiring to do the mission themselves would see the lurker on their HUD as they approached the relevant station, and would know to leave and wait until it’s clear. If the missioneer decides to still do the mission despite knowing there’s someone lurking at the other end to ambush him the moment he exits, then he has decided to accept the fight waiting for him at the other end, and there’s really no problem.

Thanks for the feedback / suggestion.
That is the reason I made sure to label it properly:

The mission itself has not PvP. But I wrote PvP involved because you enter PvP playfields to play the mission. And in PvP such things can just happen.

Scout your environment before doing the mission and especially do the mission as a team. One go inside, the other stays outside.

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