Can not get any copper on Phobos due to base built next to the only source

What am i supposed to do to get copper if i can’t mine it? I need that copper for alot of the stuff i need to build my SV, at this rate my base and all it’s contents will get wiped and i’ll have to start over again :frowning:


which planet?
At this state meteorites should be available everywhere. And on starter planets every default ones. Please fly around and search them.

The AntiGrief Distance is a bit bugged right now. Devs know about it.

I’m on phobos, there aren’t any copper meteorites at the mo. I don’t have a sv yet so am stuck walking or biking my way around. Guess ill just re roll

Nicho, if you mine the other meteorites they will respawn rather quickly. Usually the drops are a good spread of many ores, so I highly doubt you’d be stuck with only that one meteor and nothing else. Often it’s not the fault of a new player when the “only” meteor for that ore happens to drop next to that base. In the future I’d recommend asking some traders if they can spare some ore for an SV, often people will gladly help out noobs.