Can not log in

Myself and a few others were having problems with graphics not loading. Then human world disappeared as I entered it. I logged out now I can not log back into the game. I have rebooted everything and still not luck. Can you see if there is anything you can due

Having the same issue. I was on earlier. I logged out to delete my cache and verify and now I can’t get back on. It just says loading over and over.

Yep. I’m stuck on the load screen as well.

I warped you two. Try again please.

And just in case:
you really deleted the cache regarding HWS NA?
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Saves\Cache

I deleted Cache several times.
I changed my character settings.
I verified my download.

I can’ see any ships and my SV is on the map at my feet but i can’t see it.

you applied the hotfix patch they released minutes ago?

still cant get passed the loading screen. any other suggestion.

How do I make sure I applied the patch

I try to unload the playfield

but you applied the patch?
It was because of your corrupt character.
Warped you to your other ships

Could you also move Fossil please? He hasn’t be able to login to the server for a few hours now.


Sorry, yesterday was a hard day… is this problem still relevant?

No, fossil is OK now, think the planet wipe sorted it.