Cannot Build Class 4 Bases on SAN Server

Hey guys, having an issue here. It would seem that I cannot spawn in my personal class 4 base onto the OP4 planet on the sanctuary server despite the restrictions saying class 4 bases allowed. Some of my fellow members claim that they have been able to spawn in their class 4 bases and before anyone starts telling me to check my base and update it, I’ve all ready done all the basic steps to insure the base is up to date. The design I am trying to spawn in I used last season and many more other servers before that. I have spent weeks thinking up of the building layout, placing blocks, furnishing, texturing and do not want to have something I worked hard on and come to depend on to go to waste.

Iv heard you have to spawn it as class 3 then rebuild it back to class 4 afterwards but yea rather double check first.


Global class 3 spawn limitation. ,- can grow beyond in some playfields.

Damn it to hell. I don’t know if I can remove much more from my base to get it to class three. I will try though.

Or you can give me a hand hop and help me spawn it in to save me the trouble.

Got enough work as is having to clear a forest and level a huge patch of terrain. Shouldn’t have to put my base together like a god damned Lego kit. Seems like a redundant rule for the SAN server considering class 4 is allowed, but can’t spawn it in. Why not just let class 4 bases be allowed to spawn in on the SAN server?

Just remove all your cargo boxes and constructors, ez to put them all back after, takes 20min.

Its a global setting.

Petition to have it increased. considering all that shappening there is parking your rusty buckets, all that would happen is you lag yourselves out, so Rex may be ok with that change. Maybe.

We were fine last season, but I’m skeptical that Rex would allow a change

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