Cannot Connect via Steam Account

Good day,

HWS Connect fails when using the steam login option. I have hanged my password and gone into steam via the browser - no problem.
When I type the credentials for steam and push enter, the page just refreshes with the steam credentials removed as if I went into page first time.

Thanks, Chaos

I assume you are using Chrome in connection with the password fill out feature + you changed your password recently.

In any way type the user and password manually again and then press enter (repeat if you have to verify the code you got via mail).

In the end it is nothing on our part. The whole steam login is handled over Valve / Steam and if you can login via the steam client / browser that is not different.

Thanks RexXxus, using Firefox. Will look for such a feature but have not seen yet.

Just to wrap up this issue:

Steam requires location tracking and cookies. My security settings on Firefox were to strict. Relaxed the location rule and enabled cookies for the site - working.

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