Cannot destroy this base? Im sure it isnt a POI help?

We came across this on Golden Globe it has been attacked by others aswell and you just cannot destroy it, how is this possible?

EGS Bunker is a “new” feature since HWS 6.0 or 6.1.
Announced here for example:

I updated the guide to reflect it even more:

So… This is something that you can pay for? I am so confused :joy:

Yes. For 25 million credits you can have one per server per season

Ah I see, only problem I see with this is people putting gold into ocd and then loads of these bunkers popping up next season, it gives the person in said bunker a massive advantage and a possible free area to snipe attack people, just some input on that one

It was discussed long time ago already and the outcome is:

  • 25 million is a lot for one season
  • we balanced the bunker to not be OP, you have to check the details closely to realize this before calling it a massive advantage
  • a bunker alone does not win fights or war

So overall: you can’t loot it but start thinking of how to take advantage of it otherwise.

Get Support is done by now. The rest can be discussed in the Bunker topics we have elsewhere.

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