Cannot sell ship at elemental garage

I was going to sell my SV Mite at EGS elemental garage for 1000000 credits, but looks like it does not work or I am doing it wrong way

how to sell it?

can you put it on sale please?

You are trying to sell a stock sv for a million credits? Good luck is about all I can say.

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who cares about the price if whole ship selling thing does not work

Hm it went under I guess but the ECC HQ is not meant for trading player ships (yet).

Player can trade manually for now but with 7 also automatically. Like in HWS 3 and 4.

Counter Argument:
Who cares if the ship selling feature works if no one will ever buy your ship for likely 10-20 times more than it is worth? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rex, good to know.

I appreciate your concern :slight_smile:

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