Cannot warp drive

I am on my way to Golden Planet from Peacekeeper and I find myself in Cross Server Warp orbit without any possibility to advance to Golden Globe or Homeworld. The lock target stay inactive and the each of the orbit has a triangle sign. What is the problem, please? Thank you guys …

There is a rule that your not allowed to post the explored map on forums be prepared to get banned :confused: was nice knowing you my friend. If you read the forums you will know that you have to go from ecc up to orange and around all the way to red and you can only exit to green again.

On a side note this universe is probably the best one yet, loving it please don’t change it too much in 7.0 Rex ^_^.

  1. I read lots of rules and did not find the one you are mentioning.
  2. Also, tried to find my answer first on the forum.
  3. I did not understand anything from what you said regarding my problem

topic can be closed, found my way despite no clear clues. The map was not like this before the update

@RexXxuS I agree I really like this map its not too big and not too small.

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