Cant access OCD

Since late last night I have not been able to access my OCD I get a message saying I must wait 15 seconds between intensive commands no matter how long I wait.


Just a quick thing to try did you try cb:start ? It force executes commands and relogs you, may solve your issue.

yes I tried that last night and got nothing I will try again

Tried Cb:start nothing happened same results

What is your sequence of commands? like are you typing ocd:put:all and then it instantly says that 15 second thing? nothing typed before?

can’t reproduce it. Works for me.
Maybe the server had a very big load

ive tried everything even just the ocd:put

thought server restart would fix it but it didn’t

So it is still the case for you?

yes I just tried again it still tells me to wait 15 seconds

still the same except now I see that I cannot deposit into elemental bank either

Okay trying some things out today and so far the only thing I can do now involving the website is upgrade auto miners cant empty them even everything was working fine the other day

Is there anything that can be done to fix my situation I don’t have any idea what caused it everything was running just fine donated last week so I could get my level 5 OCD quickly and start putting things in it I’ve been preparing for Alpha 6 as well as working toward getting enough gold to unlock my level 6 OCD now I’m stuck I can’t even remove anything from my auto miners or access the bank I can see everything there on the website it just won’t let me communicate I keep getting the message that I have to wait 15 seconds is there any way to reset this even if I lose the items I have in my OCD at least I would be able to work at getting some materials back I am currently standing leader for the clan men with guns and just brought more than 20 people to the server and that faction none of them were having the same issue as me but if I can’t access the inability to access the mods right now is discouraging me from playing I really do enjoy playing on your server and want to keep my guys here the mods you have are amazing I just can’t continue to play hiiraan Homeworld if I’m not going to be able to access what everybody else can thank you in advance Rex just get back to me when you can in the meantime I’m going to spend some time playing some Vive games


sorry for the wait.
I crawled the logs and it is obvious it seems:

{{AoD}}(=WC=)Dragonis1507 ocd:put:all
Server @: Sorry, but you have to wait 15 seconds between intensive commands!

You see? The server doesn’t recognize your name. It is just empty because you overdone yourself a bit with hardcore brackets and stuff. I will ask Jascha, if he can build a regex around this to filter such user wishes but for now, if you want to use the chatbot you have to change your steam name to something readable like “Dragonis…” :slight_smile:

Thank you Rex omg thank you. It worked removing the brackets enabled me to access everything my crew and I appreciate all your hard work and look forward to gaming on Homeworld through Alpha 6 and further :slight_smile: