Cant access private cv or autominers. NA server

last night after getting in to a battle in black hole orbit, I died and respawned in a fellow faction members med bay. After Resawning my character was glitched out, the enemy was not able to see my character and i could not see them shooting. after i logged out and reconnected there was a clone of my character standing near where i respawned. Since this has happened all of my autominers and private ships are still there but i no longer have ownership of the CV or the autominers i had placed.

Thanks a lot for the infos. Can you please send us your logs.
I reset you to your old ID. Al private things shoud be accessible again.
You know anyhting that might have cause it?

Thankyou for resetting me, i really dont know what caused it to happen, i was in combat in black hole and died. When i respawned in an faction members ship they were under attack. The enemy ship rolled up and said they couldnt see me. After i logged out and reconnected later we found the clone standing there and i had faction member take that screenshot. How do i send you my logs?

hm. You died in cockpit then, or in a turret?

Logs are located here:
…\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs
Just send the latest Folder (highest Number) usual. It must have the logs dated from that time you played. It should be 821 (there might be anohter if you used experimental branch)
Just zip it and send me a pm.

Thanks a lot

Yes, I died in my cockpit.
Not sure why but in my logs but theres no folder for 821. The most recent is 817, but game shows im on build 821.

hm ok. But you are in the client folder or?
Just zip then the last 2 folders please. We can find the right version then.

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