Can't end up the mission "Elemental Space Race"

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened: Can’t find Checkpoint 15
**Player(s) with issue:Cheguelang + Zaronia
**Time (cb:time):12:00 - 04.01.2018
**Playfield:Cryo A1 - Teleport to Spacerace
**[color=d0901d]Structure Name(s):[/color-
**Structure ID(s):-
**[color=d0901d]How can we help you now:/color after the 2 teleports mostly we have less than 1 minute to make the mission, (Problem2)if the loadingscreen is fast enough we both can’t find the Checkpoint 15.

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Hey guys,

thanks for the report! I will check / fix it today!

Thank you for fixing the mission!

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