Can't login to server, internal error and infinite connecting loop

Basically the title. Last night on the NA server I tried to do a fresh restart, it glitched out and didn’t give me the escape pod, I logged out and went to bed. When I woke up this morning and attempted to log back in I just get an internal error occurred message appearing and I can’t connect.

Log of my login attempt is here.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Ok i reset you. Try again

I selected pirate starter, but after that I still the internal error when I tried to log into HWS after I got past the splash screen for origin start and I had to quit out of the game both times I tried it. Verified game cache integrity as well and that doesn’t seem to have helped. Other servers work normally.

new log error here. seems like this part is pretty irregular compared to the logs that worked originally.

So you just tried again after I reseted you?
Because you did not enter the server according to the server logs.
Can you choose another starter ?
I can set your origing later to pirate.

Hunter starter seems to have worked out, I’m coming into land now. Good call.

alright this happened when you set me to pirate on hunter world before I logged off. When I tried to log back in I got the internal message. I’m thinking the pirate starter playfield might be corrupted on my machine? Or else something to do with flagging me as pirate is involved

:frowning: i guess Pirate starter has a problem then. I warped you to hunter as a pirate. Maybe do your start there

That actually worked pretty well, I’m alive on Hunter, but the planet is in the process of teleporting me off for trespassing on a PVE planet so I’m in now in orbit of Hunter.

hm… true not good. any planet i can warp you too that you like?

Yeah I think that sounds like a plan. I’ll log-off to save O2 then get Mordgier to re-approve me for LBP once he gets back from walking his dogs. If you could warp me to Detroit that’d be neat, I can loot our faction base there.

Ok. Will do so. I will be online so just let me know when

Alrighty Mord’s accepted me, a teleport to Detroit when you’re free after patching would be good. Thanks Jascha, been a big help it’s amazing you were so prompt.

Ok Warped you. Glad it worked out that way. We will look into Pirate Starter to find the problem

Thanks again. Everything is working perfectly.