Can't mine

Please. I can’t mine any of the deposites on planet District F1… I look in them no ore. I try to mine them only get stone. Only ore that drops in meteors is iron. I have been walking around d the planet for hours.

Sorry I forgot to mention the deposites are all at 98-100%

This is a sideeffect of the meteorite balancement.
Will be fixed with the Districts wipe on wednesday.

Thanks. I understand that that’s all you can do to help. Altho I was hoping that something could be done to where I could play the game now I do understand. I’m not asking for handouts from mods and gms I was just asking if it could be fixed and you satiated my question that you have to wait till planet wipe. Tyvm

If you are really hard up for materials, rocks now drop random ores after you bust then up. By no means can you build anything large with what you get from them, but maybe enough to get you by till the wipe.

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