Can't spawn Homebase, need a teleport

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Can’t spawn on homebase, it is obviously powered, but the playfield in deepspace gets turned off i guess, hence why my plants keep dying under perfect conditions

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Golden Globe
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Space Base Tier 1
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Teleport me to 34934049 , i will then proceed to expand my fuel capacity of my CV and try to use that as a homebase hopefully

Warped you this time @Escalade18


Since I see this very frequent now in different situations I have to say that we stop this support request from now on.
It is a bug. Maybe. But the game always gives you the “Fresh Start” option to get out of your stuck position.
And HWS gives you the option to set your Origin Planet as your Start Planet so you don’t have to grind on Starter Planets anymore (type egs:?)
Teleporting people for free, especially out of PvP zones like Golden Globe is not our job and counts as admin abuse.

We might implement soon something in HWS Connect for teleportation. Stay tuned.

I understand the issue, and will set starter on origin. Problem is if you fresh start, you can’t construct anything usually since you have no constructor, is what i had last time.

Thanks for helping me this time! But i really hope the game developers do something about it. It’s not the first time this happens for no reason.


There is no place like home… :smiley:

Always have a warp sled and a pad ready.

I’ll make sure i have a warper ready and some fuel stashes, on harsh PVP worlds its hard esp after you died and said fuel might be gone. But it’s happening a lot now, so we have to adapt till it’s fixed.
Cheers guys

you should always have a back up in your factiories so always have a spawn pad and like the raven said a warp sled just big enough to get you out of there and home. its a servival game after all and pvp is always harsh you MUST ALWAYS have a back up plan either your faction or back up warp cvs to get you home

When you fresh start you get a survival constructor and a little fuel just pull pentax from the OAM

If you ever need a constructor, use your factory to spawn a 4 part micro-base …

Core, Solar Panel, Capacitor, Large Constructor

All the parts are Level 1 to spawn.

@TheRaven last fresh start i did not get one unfortunatly.
@andreaHWpolice I am perfectly fine with the harshness of this game, i absolutely love it. I try to always make sure i have forward bases and back-ups around.
But this is a function in-game which is not (not always at least) working. So from now on i will take that into account offcourse, but assumptions were made :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Scorp That is a awesome tip to have ready in the Factory, cheers for replying

It’s in a crate

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