Cant spawn on faction planet instant kill and boot

so the game has kicked me off my planet and keeps killing me i lost alot of stuff and cant log in.
Can an admin fix this and i would like my 902 fushion cells if possible back :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway i need help please.


so apparently i am lawless but my clan is alliance?

please help

for extra info you can see i am in my clan as owner and we are tagged as alliance and from the other screen shot the HWS has me as lawless.
i have died 3 times and lost my stuff and cannot log in no more for the obvious reasons.

can i please be put back to allince and would be nice to get my fushion cellsback as well if possible.


Hey man,

can you please check again? Jascha updated the tool and fixed some stuff. Thanks

HWS still shows me as lawless and the structure Commnader is still the same as well.


Still no love here :frowning:
need reset to alliance :slight_smile:
Hallp!!! :slight_smile:



I logged in (took risk) and i spawned at home on alliance even though HWS said i was lawless still.
I stayed online for an hour and the HWS updated me too Alliance agian and the taxes as well got fixed and the structure Commander.

So its all fixed now.

Being instantly made lawless out of the blue while in game refining stuff and dying makes one nervous to put anything in thier inventoryโ€ฆ i may need theropy or a sensitivity dog :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help.


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