Cargo-box empty after few hours of offline

If got an SV with individuell Name and it is set to private.

I logged out and came back a few hours later, and the complete cargo-box i filled before log-out now is empty.
Server: EU
Ship: name= “miner” id= "23632395"
Playfield: “Guardians Starter”

I lost about 3 k of each iron/silicon/cobald/copper/magnesia and 500 of neodym and sathium

Just startet new and all my farmed mats are away…

So what to do? Start over?..

The ship is still there.
Remember: private stuff is not shown on the map. You have to “find” it once again. Therefore set stuff to faction if possible.

Please try again to read!
I never said that the ship is gone, only the things in an specifig cargo container!

I Put them in then I logged of. Came back and their are gone.

I wrote > the complete cargo-box i filled before log-out now is empty.

Ah - ok.
That is nothing we can keep track of or know why it happened. Best would be a reproducible case or something we can send to the devs.

In case you just did it before you got kicked before the restart then this is the reason. But everything else we don’t know and can’t help, sorry.

I did not get kicked , i logged off normally.
So it just bad luck, and i wasted time?


I think it was not caused by the logout. I just place a few box in a constructor, 5 mins ago. At my connection means to be a bit laggy for a few seconds. And directly after placing i looked again in the constructor and the blocks I placed, wasn’t there anymore and still not inside of my inventory. Just gone away…
On other servers this never happened…

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