CB Command issue

Hey when i try to use any commands I get the message “sorry there is a different player with the same steam name, Chatbot does not work for you.” What can i do to fix this issue?

Sorry just realized its in the wrong forum, not sure how to move it.

Hey Equinox,

currently we can’t check what player is who over telnet. It isn’t the steam64ID which will be send.
So before we give the other “Equinox” the commands we block it.
The quick fix for you for now would be to change the name in steam / game.

Maybe we are able to fix this if you have more control over telnet. Sorry.


So if someone uses my name, he can plunder my entire OCD or bank account? I suppose there are additional checks, I hope…

no, for both of you it is deactivated.

Read again:

Ah oaky so it can distinguish between me and another player in some other way then. Because if I am not online and he/she uses my name it will still recognize that other player as another person. That wasn’t clear to me not even after reading again.

So first it checks if it is really me in some way (probably not Telnet). And then it unlocks/locks Telnet for that player which is restricted to the playername only.

yes, no matter if online or not. Blocked for both till the names changes.

Ok changed it, thanks for the help.