CB:Reset does not reset CB:Survival

Hey I just found out an issue wherein when players use CB:Reset, the CB:Survival command can’t be used again.

Thats is done for a reason so ppl cant exploid it

I get it, but I wish there’s an option to change that.

I could implement it. Until then you can also do it manually. Right klick on Player.

Yeap sir that’s what I’ve been doing for now haha. Hopefully it gets implemented. Thank you! :slight_smile:

btw: this should already work in the current version…more due to a bug ;).
But the checkbox will come with next verison

TO maybe add to this a question i have.

When players on my server go CB;survival they get nothing?
where do i set what players get?

U have to write a inventory templet and call it survival.xml and places it in the eah folder with inventory templets

sweet thank you