CB:Reset is broken for me

Sorry i didn’t know it had to be the username set to ingame name. I set my Name to my ingame name because it did not specify.

Also CB:Reset does not work for me. And neither does am:fuel:1
I should probably be in bug reporting because there are about 5 i could list.

  1. CB:Reset
    -if rdy type CB:Yes, if not type CB:NO

  2. CB:Yes

  3. CB:Reset

    • Sry, but you are boned for 3 hours
  4. (Have 20 Pentaxit/Pentaxid in inventory) am:fuel:1…“Sry but you don’t have the amount of pentaxit in your inventory so you are boned.”
    -im assuming pentaxit is pentaxid
    -yes, i have waited well over 30 seconds and tried again.

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