CB rules

So I have may rules on a steam group as its quite detailed. I want to add a redacted version to CB. but cant seem to be able to cope and paste it. It only pastes the top line ? Anyway to add without making the redacted rules one long line? and what is the max characters for the CB field?

Dont really understand what you mean.
Maybe use # to make a new line, if thats what you mean.

So I have my rules typed out In word in paragraphs.

When I copy these rules and try to paste it into the parameter line of CB it only pastes the heading and not all the rules.

So is there a way to paste all if or will I have to retype it?

ah ok. hm depends on the characters. Normally it should work.

Try to replace each LineBreak with # . # is the linebreak for the chat in the tool so if you write:


the chat will show 2 messages:

The Parameterlist should be unlimited, so you could paste all of it in there.

So I must retype my entire paragraph into one sentence separated by #'s? so I can paste it into the CB?

If pasting alone does not work, yes. Could be because of the Object you copy it from. if its like a table it wont work to just copy it. if its word or a texteditor it should work.
If its from a browser then there are also other characters involved so it might not work… therefore try to copy it into a texteditor and from there you can replaye the linebreaks with # and copy paste it into the parameters

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aah ok, cool, thank you. will give it a shot?

seems to have worked. thanks.

next question, can you change the color of the text? the blue is a bit dark on some worlds

Yes you can. you can do it with bbcodes in the text.

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