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Please can someone point me in the direction of cement?

I have a blueprint from the workshop which requires cement though it does not show in my mobile constructor or survival constructor. I have looked online and it shows it can be made in both?


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You need to make it in food proccessor i think?? Or large or adv. Constructor.

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the devices are right but on HWS you also need Water for it - realistically.

  BaseItem: true
  CraftTime: 2
  Target: "SurvC,HoverC,LargeC,AdvC"
  { Child Inputs
    RockDust: 5
    WaterJug: 1

Off topic question @RexXxuS.
Is it possible to make some devises use 1 gold coin on their crafting mats or does coins allways stack 5? I mean electronics atleast should use 1 gold coin on them if possible.

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My last research taught me that Copper is better than Gold in electronics.
Copper does oxidize but the overall costs make Copper better.

Apart from that real life stuff, the issue is not the stack or possibility. The issue is abuse in quantities. Everything what counts as crafting recipe also counts in the Blueprint Factory.
So in long term the Blueprint factory would be the third iceberg together with OCD and EB.

Hmm. You came first with marketplace, and auto miners as well. Why not beat the Eleon BP factory? HWS Blueprint factory? I know Hayawen was able to change vessel types, for the garage contest through HWS Connect. How about spawning a BP from a file?

That’d mean you can choose what can be put in to make the BP. You can change it so it becomes way better than eleon’s version.

Thanks all :slight_smile: