Change access for ship please

A ship on Alliance planet called “Spoy’s Vishera FXN-155CV” is set to private and the smaller vessel inside is set to PKA… We can not access the smaller ship to remove/delete it. Can you please delete " Spoy’s SV" with ID: 4251001

I have been giving warnings for a week now to him and now it’s time to delete it. Even at 1k tax it would already cost us 245000 credits for 1 week to support this thing and we faction-admins can’t really do much about it. On top of that he is rarely online.

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for me it is always important why something happened.
So to whom belongs the Vishera ship?
Normally we won’t step in for such game stuff - it is up to you what you play. Nothing we can administrate really.

So if it was a bug or so let me know.


Hey rexx, thanks for the reply, the ship belonggs to a player that no longer plays… the ship in question has its ship status to ‘faction’ which means we all pay for it…

the problem is that the ship is set to faction and its parked in the base which is set to private, so we cant move it to space or delete, can it atleast be moved to one of the factions admin position for them to move it to space or delete depending if its got anything in it.

Thanks mate

Yes indeed. Players that dock faction stuff inside private stuff on taxed planets and then stop playing… We can’t do anything about it (can’t kick them, can’t delete/move their ships). I know an exploit that might fix it but I doubt I would be allowed to use it.