Changes to PVP regarding Combat Logging

One of the biggest “killjoys” for PVP is when the enemy would rather log out and play a different game or rage at their blank desktop instead of dying.

I’ve seen other games implement a logout timer - If you log out or lose internet, your character remains ingame for 30-60 seconds. Normally, in PVE or in non-combat situations, this wouldn’t harm you at all. But in PVP, with an enemy on your tail, if you decide to quit the game the enemy still has 30 seconds to “secure the kill” before your character vanishes.

Enemies are still able to delete their pack contents - another scummy tactic
Or commit suicide - lame again

But at least this one thing is a fixable issue, admins willing and etc.

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Between today and yesterday [AAA] SacredGlade combatlogged at least 20 times keeping doing alt f4 to save his backpack. In other games combatlogging is severely punished. Today other people combatlogged too many times. I dont know if the admin intruments can punish them but will be really nice :slight_smile:
I am starting doing a video of this clowns keeping doing alt f4. Will be a nice collage. The material is already a lot.


As a former pvper I totally agree with rabids points he made. It is unfair to have used so much resources (ammo/blocks and such) for spend sometimes hours in a fight just for one side to just “poof”. A timer would be a nice implementation for sure.

The majority of battles that don’t end in a warp out or gate out go this way for me. Ill take out the vitals of the enemy ship, only to watch the player icon vanish. On looting the vessel its all empty boxes.

It’s really disappointing as a pvper. You spend time and resources tracking players down, more time and ammo fighting them, and at the end of it all they log and you get nothing (I don’t even care about the loot, I want the kills). It feels like an exploit. Even worse when the destroy command gets in the mix.

Yep, combat logged quite a lot last night and you kept stopping me logging back in, hanging around to kill me, so not a great night for me ether! I will remember to set the home spawn option next time :roll_eyes:.

Both my choice to log and yours’ to spend the evening ensuring that I could not get back in and work my way off planet, as well as your decision to leave a HV at my log point to kill me on log in are all choices within the game parameters, however frustrating, for both sides.

Though you may think it strange, I would not be against a system change as you propose, that delayed log off, as long as it was consistent and equally applied and automatic (not just another written rule), as all players have to play to the game as presented.


I dont give a damn if they combat log or not tbh - its just a frickin’ game :slight_smile:


[OT] of course you don’t care, but it’s not because this is a frickin’ game.


anyway, i agree with @sacredglade when he said, if implemented, this should be something automatic and not just a rule you expect a player to respect.
@manbug121212 i reckon a timer should be nice, maybe not the best option but the simplest one in term of coding.

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Recommended logout timer since 5.0 (and someone probably even recommended it before 5.0, lol); I’d recommend 20 seconds on any logout because players do crash, allows them to log back in.

Do not recommend mechanics like Rust. (doesnt even matter because of pve/donator planets)

Zipline did that other night, we still got his driller tho! lol.

In his defence, I also did it the other night against the OP! :wink: Can the OP explain why players keep getting shot out of cockpits? and/or killed from cock pits?

An old topic, and an easily settled one. Just drop something that will kill them when they log back in. You lose 100 rounds of minigun, and maybe a hundred ingots of supplies. They lose time, and die anyways.

Do you know what should also be ‘illegal’ ‘naming and shaming’ and just general trash talk on what is meant to be a constructive thread.

You’re a good player and a good fighter, you don’t need to stroke your ego by belittling others.

Now onto the topic at hand:

I for one don’t mind people combat logging, as normally the real prize is their ship or their cargo, If they combat log then one situation is to just stick a hover/base on their location. This is a highly effective strategy that has worked in the past.

Best regards

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It is, or was a viable option to plant a happy HV near their location before we got restricted to only spawning on a BA. The prize isn’t always just the ship, but the contents on the person as well. There should be a timer on all PvP playfields that a character will remain in game for at least 30 seconds after logout. Sadly, this is not an HWS issue, this would have to be solved at the developer level. It’s a craptastic situation when attacking and just when they realize their going to die, pull out the valuable loot and log.

We aren’t playing “Empyrion - Galactic Combat Logging Simulator”.

I could have many times the other day on GG NA, hell I had many chances to break orbit and run after our initial 3v2 turned into 1v5 and I still stayed til I was shot out the cockpit. Didn’t care for what all I had on me, it wasn’t important. It was fun, plain and simple. Death is part of that. Don’t deny it, don’t prolong it. Be a man (or woman, cause we do have some females).

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Good point raised about the HVS. Hv limits seem to be a little bit everywhere. SOme playfields allowing 30; others allowing none.

At the very least it’s a stop-gap measure until the developers can pull a magic trick out of their hats! :slight_smile:
Best regards

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The only shame i can see here is when your mates decides to press alt+f4

Yesterday also GMC started to doing so.

Tell your clan to stop doing this shame tactic.

When you die you can respawn there or at base, you decide.

Stop the clownfiesta.

Thank you

My solution was never suggested as an honor system, this is fairly easy to code.

@ Wiseman - The prize is often not their cargo or ship as they are deleting the ship in structure commander, leaving no loot at all.

@McProuty - Prohibiting combat logging does not favor one party or another as far as veterans or noobs. Noobs will learn to set a CB:sethome and if they accept death then they will be able to begin playing again.

In fact, as you mention with spawning a “Combat Logger Killer” can negate the enemys attempt to keep their stuff.
But doing so will not grant you the kill or their backpack. However it is hilarious and standard practice to spite a combat logger.

Gameplay with combat logging

Not everyone PVPs, thats cool. But if you -enter- PVP, acknowledge that you have already accepted death by doing so and that in time this death will come.

The consequences for dying arent that steep.